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Service Overview

Our work in the Civic sector supports Councils and Local Governments to define and deliver efficient community services.

Business Cases

Destravis has a holistic understanding of the requirements of a business case. ​

Underpinned by an exceptional ability to guide the development of robust strategies, we test for alignment with Strategic Plans, existing infrastructure limitation and opportunities and budget constraints. ​

Explorations include opportunities for value capturing, economic uplift, infrastructure partnerships, alternative procurement and revenue models, and investigates feasibility of applying latest market trends and risk profiles.​​

We provide a complete business case service including management, authoring, economic modelling, design management, capital and operational costings, and procurement plans. We will coordinate external specialists in financial and commercial analysis, social and environmental impact assessments as required, and have successful working relationships with some of the countries most trusted providers in these areas.​

Schematic Design​
Destravis will work in conjunction with a project architect during this phase to ensure the intentions of the project, as briefed by the client and users are carried through to building design. Destravis will continue to conduct user group consultation to ensure the evolving design meets users requirements.​

  • For new facilities, refurbishment or redesign
  • Base Case and options development
  • Benefits identification and assessment
  • Alternative supply models
  • Market sounding and procurement analysis
  • Capital and operational cost modelling
  • Schematic design (or design management of external team)

Project Management

Destravis maintains a focus on protecting client interests and realising project outcomes through the provision of Client Representatives qualified and experienced in providing senior project management services.

Our team has complex community project delivery experience in roles including senior project management, project director and design manager. They are experienced in the full scope of capital projects with an expertise to take a project firmly and confidently from start to finish. It is their ability to grasp the vision, program a way forward, test the concept and manage the design intent which puts the project on the path to realising intended benefits.

The hand selection of project directors and senior project managers is a process that Destravis takes seriously.

Each member of the team brings considerable expertise in their chosen profession and by way of industry accreditation and affiliation.

  • Project Director / Client Representative
  • Project Manager / Programmer
  • Procurement Frameworks
  • Procurement Support
  • Technical Advisory
  • Value Management Review
  • Buildability Review
  • Risk Assessment

Cost Advisory

Destravis provides strategic cost advisory services to complete the holistic planning services we provide clients in the health sector. ​

The importance of providing this service allows evidence based design to inform and reverse engineer the client budgets. This reduces the time in design as the budget is aligned with expectations, as well as giving certainty in future planning and procurement. ​

Our strategic cost advisors also look at alternative commercial opportunities for private funding of specific future plans. Through the commercial feasibility analysis, the team can determine the whether a project would be attractive to the private sector and / or provide alternate options to future capital expenditure by minimising impact to the organisation cashflow. This type of future planning enables continued growth and improvement within the assets, and reducing the reliance on government funding.​

Through a team of senior quantity surveyors, Destravis services now encompass the full spectrum of cost management services to the health sector.​

Our cost leaders each have over two decades of experience and have developed an unrivalled knowledge and benchmarking ability for universities, research facilities and laboratories among other complex buildings. ​

This strategic cost advice will be utilised in the development of business plans, feasibility studies, asset prioritisation and planning and strategic facility planning.

  • Quantity Survyeing
  • Project Budgets
  • Pre-tender estimates
  • Tender nomilisation and evaluation
  • Progresss claims
  • Variation management
  • Value engineering assessment
  • Operational cost modelling.