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Diamantina Health Partners​

Industry Innovation Precinct Application

feature_Industry Innovation Precinct Application

Project Information

Destravis was engaged by Diamantina Health Partners to facilitate the formation of an Industry Innovation Precinct and submit an application for Federal Funding under the Industry Innovation Precinct initiative (2013).​

Diamantina Health Partners is Queensland’s first academic health science centre. The primary aim of DHP is to seek excellence in health outcomes through integration of healthcare delivery, research and teaching. The DHP alliance is made up of eight organisations including:​

  • Princess Alexandra Hospital​
  • Mater Health Services​
  • The University of Queensland​
  • Queensland University of Technology​
  • Translational Research Institute​
  • Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Services​
  • UQ Health Care​
  • Inala Indigenous Health Service​.

​The formation of the Industry Innovation Precinct required integration - of knowledge and governance – of DHP with industry partners in the health science field. Our industry consultation and resulting industry partnerships included Sonic Health, CSIRO and the EcoScience Centre, BioPharmaceuticals Australia and their international partners DSM Biologics.​

​The Health Science Innovation Precinct was a national initiative to unite industry, academic and clinical health stakeholders to leverage knowledge, research, market share and networks for mutual benefit and ultimately improve healthcare delivery.​

The Federal Industry Innovation Precinct initiative was not carried through change of Federal Government and therefore the Application was never concluded.