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Thursday Island

Health Facilities Master Plan

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Project Information

The objective of this update to the 2014 Capital Infrastructure Planning Study (CIPS) was to inform the development of a holistic Master Plan which meets the service delivery requirements across Thursday Island until 2026/27. Facilities included in the CIPS are Thursday Island Hospital (TIH), the Meriba Mudh Maternity Accommodation (MMMA), the Primary Health Care Unit (PHC) and the Mental Health Care Unit (MHU).

Destravis approach to a review of services and facilities suitability to deliver those services included exploring three options as feasible solutions for each of the facilities:

  • Option 1– Minimal solution: Building improvements to resolve technical issues and extend buildings lifespan as is.
  • Option 2 – Basic functional: Building improvements to resolve the technical issues and accommodate priority functional requirements and thus extend the functional lifespan of the facilities further.
  • Option 3 – Fixing the technical issues and accommodating all functional requirements, with full consideration of a holistic service delivery model and integrated care model through either redevelopment of the facility or greenfield new build.

The holistic approach to either the rectification and improvement or repurpose of the existing buildings could be a feasible solution delivering value for money.

The proposed staged development does respond to prioritised areas, such as responding to service demand and buildings in immediate need for repairs.


Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service


Thursday Island



Project Scope:

Health Facilities Strategic Master Plan

Destravis Role:

Principal Consultant and Lead Master Planner