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Service Overview

Tertiary education is the focus of Destravis, identifying and planning for future pedagogical models, student profiles and international trends.

Strategic Planning

Our approach is a strategic one, seeking to ensure functional alignment between an organisation’s operational and strategic objective and the built environment. ​

For this reason we place great emphasis on the strategic formation of the project; ensuring a project is clearly defined from the outset and managed closely for consistent, efficient progress towards achieving Client’s intended outcomes. ​

We have a track record of conceiving innovative education environments and devising new ways to utilise buildings; building on international user research, extensive experience in developing education solutions and systematic post occupancy evaluation. ​
As this is our core business we can ensure that our team is not only fully qualified and experienced in the field, but is expert at delivering quality solutions. We understand that university facilities are a paramount to the success of the learning process and that educational and research success is greatly influenced by its environment. ​

Our experience is broad; incorporating the strategic formation of projects, briefing and facility planning, campus plans and strategic partnering opportunities, costing, feasibilities and business cases for capital works projects. This depth ensures a robust, holistic approach to which considers strategic plans, pedagogical models, staff expectation, student cohort, expenditure budget and program, current facility conditions and new capital requirements. ​

We are often called upon to help define the issue and articulate possible solutions for our clients.  A detailed understanding of our clients business combined with our extensive experience and lessons learnt are foundations of our success.​

Our strategic plans and feasibility studies consider background and context, limitations and opportunities and strategise options for further analysis. Analysis includes (where applicable) technical investigations, operational and capital cost estimates, program and procurement options, culminating in a recommendation for endorsement.​

  • Precinct Planning
  • Strategic Asset Plans
  • Aspirational and Functional Briefs
  • New facilities, refurbishment
  • Space utilistaion, optimisation and functional re-design
  • Planning for equipment and technology changes.

Master Planning

Based on the previous phases of work, Destravis can develop a master plan for the campus or site which incorporates everything that is intended to be built.  It will incorporate allowances for future expansion or development in line with your business plans or campus requirements. ​The Destravis Master Plan will be robust and strategic enough to act as a development control plan, informing future development and expansions on the site.  The aim being to ensure the planning considers future growth, minimises disruptions and avoids surplus costs due to redundant works.​

The master plan report will incorporate:​

  • Complete site assessment and analysis,​
  • Concept creation including functional flows and zones, blocking and stacking, indicative concept drawings,​
  • Cost plan / budget,​
  • Program and sequencing of design, procurement and construction,
  • Decanting approach and methodology,​
  • Detailed Schedule of Accommodation.​

​During this phase, Destravis can manage the process, perform the role of principal consultant and engage and coordinate all subconsultants input if required.

Aspirational Brief and Visioning​

Short, Medium and Long Term Vision​
Destravis can assist you in developing a short, medium and long term vision for the faculty and it's impact on the building or campus.

To ensure a robust strategy, this will be in accordance with the Strategic Plan, forecast faculty and student requirements, and assessment of current conditions.  This vision will investigate sustainability, adaptability and future growth, services delivery capability,  assessment and potential partnerships with complementary providers such as government, research or industry partners.​

Space Utilisation ​

In order to maximise efficiency of existing spaces, Destravis can conduct an occupancy study or space audit to determine function and usage rates of existing facilities and conduct an opportunity analysis to identify potential space savings, improved spatial alignments, and potential locations for new work or teaching spaces to maximise current and future utilisation.​

Strategic Infrastructure Assessment​

Condition Assessment​
Destravis can develop an infrastructure gap analysis and maintenance and/or renewal strategy for the site considering fitness for current purpose and fitness for future purposes. This includes:​

  • Assessment of built fabric​
  • Assessment of building structure​
  • Assessment of engineering services & plant​
  • Assessment of wider infrastructure​
  • Identification of development opportunities​
  • Identification of leasehold opportunities.​
  • Campus-wide Master Plans
  • Faculty / Building Master Plans
  • Space Utilisation Studies
  • Condition Assessments

Space Planning and Design

Strategic Functional Design Brief​

Destravis will assist in the development of the Strategic Functional Design Brief by reviewing and interpreting spatial requirements with a technical consideration for built form and infrastructure requirements.

This includes:​

  • Assessment of spatial requirements and process flows of pedagogical models,​
  • Development of a Accommodation Brief,​
  • Strategic project brief for teaching, learning, support and common spaces,​
  • Verifying brief in accordance with design and planning regulations,​
  • Business cases or feasibility studies.​

Full Functional Design Brief​

On identification of independent projects, Destravis can assist in the completion of the Full Functional Design Brief by reviewing and interpreting requirements with a technical consideration for built form requirements.
This includes:​

  • Detailed Schedule of Accommodation,​
  • Detailed Functional design brief including critical physical relationships,​
  • Verifying brief in accordance with design and planning regulations.​
  •  Updated business case.​

During these formative phases Destravis can manage the process, perform the role of principal consultant and engage and coordinate all subconsultants input as required.​

Concept Design​

Destravis will work in conjunction with a project architect during this phase to ensure the intentions of the project, as briefed by the client and users are carried through to building design. Destravis will continue to conduct user group consultation to ensure the evolving design meets users requirements.​

  • Functional design brief
  • Space optimisation
  • Benchmarking and trend analysis
  • Concept design

Project Management

Destravis maintains a focus on protecting client interests and realising project outcomes through the provision of Client Representatives qualified and experienced in providing senior project management services.

Our team has complex education/tertiary project delivery experience in roles including senior project management, project director and design manager. They are experienced in the full scope of capital projects with an expertise to take a project firmly and confidently from start to finish. It is their ability to grasp the vision, program a way forward, test the concept and manage the design intent which puts the project on the path to realising intended benefits.

The hand selection of project directors and senior project managers is a process that Destravis takes seriously.

Each member of the team brings considerable expertise in their chosen profession and by way of industry accreditation and affiliation.

  • Project Director / Client Representative
  • Project Manager / Programmer
  • Procurement Frameworks
  • Procurement Support
  • Technical Advisory
  • Value Management Review
  • Buildability Review
  • Risk Assessment

Cost Advisory

Destravis provides strategic cost advisory services to complete the holistic planning services we provide clients in the tertiary education sector. ​

The importance of providing this service allows evidence based design to inform and reverse engineer the client budgets. This reduces the time in design as the budget is aligned with expectations, as well as giving certainty in future planning and procurement. ​

Through our internal senior quantity surveyors, Destravis services encompass the full spectrum of cost management services to the tertiary education sector.​

Our cost leaders each have over two decades of experience and have developed an unrivalled knowledge and benchmarking ability for universities, research facilities and laboratories among other complex buildings. ​

This strategic cost advice will be utilised in the development of business plans, feasibility studies, asset prioritisation and planning and strategic asset planning.

  • Quantity Survyeing
  • Project Budgets
  • Pre-tender estimates
  • Tender nomilisation and evaluation
  • Progresss claims
  • Variation management
  • Value engineering assessments.