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Our people are key to your success

The Destravis difference is our people; each specialised in their industry of choice and highly experienced in delivering quality outcomes for clients.

Our team represents decades of specialisation, industry leadership and active knowledge sharing and development.

As specialists in the early phase of project delivery, we do not require a large, production-focused team of support staff to deliver our projects. Instead, our team are strategists, planners, and conceptual leaders who will guide clients and project teams to achieve quality outcomes.

Gunther DeGraeve

Managing Director

Health Lead

Gunther De Graeve is an international health strategist with a reputation for delivering quality solutions for the complex issues facing health service providers.

He is recognised as a thought-leader within the industry for his innovation in operational models and infrastructure solutions, his sustainable approach to planning and for his attention to detail; promoting and enabling flexibility and future trends.

Gunther is Managing Director of Destravis, the specialist consulting firm he founded to bring expert advice to clients in the health, higher education and research industries. Destravis brings a cross fertilisation of expert skills through a diverse in-house capability including service planning, health planning, master planning, cost management, business cases,  economic assessments and operational optimisation. 

Gunther delivers advice to health service providers – both public and private – designers, and financiers and policy makers including Health Ministers and senior members of government.

Gunther is a proactive member of the health facility community, participating and speaking at international conferences and study tours. He is the Chief Executive of the International Academy for Design and Health (Sweeden).  He values the translation of research and frequently engages in research studies which realise system improvements.

He actively promotes new achievements in the industry.  

Renae Whiteside - Director Business Management

Renae Whiteside


Business Management

Renae has a degree in Business Management and a decade of experience writing strategic reports for the planning and design of health facilities.  

She has delivered countless project reports which convey complex and highly technical content in a structured, comprehensive and concise format. 

Her strength lies in her strategic insight into business and strategic planning and the impact that has on structuring communication towards  a targeted audience ranging from, ministerial reports, board approval to steering committee reports of project design reports.

She has a strong business acumen and ability to guide the implementation of business strategy. 

Renae brings a personable approach to client relationships, maintaining that client satisfaction is the ultimate measure of success.

Phil Plant - Associate Director

Phil Plant

Lead Strategic Cost Planner

Phil joined the Destravis team in 2015 having spent over 20 years as a Brisbane based Director of a renowned global quantity surveying company (Davis Langdon). He brings unrivalled knowledge, experience and benchmarking ability to clients with complex capital works projects.

Phil’s expertise embraces  the full spectrum of cost management services across the property and construction industries. This includes strategic cost advice for project masterplans and feasibilities, detailed cost planning, cost reviewing/auditing, technical advisory services and procurement strategy advice as well as value and risk management services on a diverse range of projects.

In particular, Phil has gained significant experience in the health care sector during his time in Brisbane where he has worked on many complex facilities for public, private and not-for-profit sector clients across the country. He has developed an exceptional understanding of the procedures and requirements for health projects and has accumulated extensive cost and area benchmark data on many types of facilities.

Many of the health projects Phil has worked on have included complex refurbishment components involving extensive staging requirements and he is thus very knowledgeable about the cost premiums associated with these types of projects.

Helen Kaczmarski

Senior Health Planner

Helen has had an extensive career within the health care field, with a background covering a broad range of managerial, clinical, executive and project roles in both the public and private health sectors in Australia, as well as the UK.

Working as the Lead Health Planner on a variety of projects from primary healthcare through to major quaternary hospital redevelopments, Helen’s clinical background combined with her practical hospital redevelopment experience provides her with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities brought about by major redevelopment projects.

Her experience enables her to work closely with all clients and their representatives and effectively channel the outcomes of planning work into the final design solution. 


Marcus Frommolt - Regional Director

Marcus Frommolt

Regional Director – NSW

Senior Project Manager

Marcus is an International Project Management Association Level A Certified Projects Director.  He is highly experienced in Project Management and Design Management of large scale health projects from inception to completion, including Commissioning and Handover.

Marcus has over 35 years experience in the building and construction industry having worked for some of the largest and most progressive major contractors. He has worked at various levels of management as Project Manager and Director on complex building projects throughout Queensland.   Marcus brings contemporary construction management, design management, and project management experience gained from “hands on” project experience with large contracting firms.

From his construction delivery experience Marcus has the unique ability to understand and manage client requirements and expectations at a detail level inclusive of  associated Principal’s Project Requirements, budget development  and procurement.

In 2015, Marcus was awarded Project Director of the Year at the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM)’s QLD Project Management Achievement Awards and runner up for the National Awards.


Georgie Kearney

Associate Director

Senior Health Facility Planner

Georgie is a highly skilled planner and designer of hospital and health facilities.  For over 15 years she has been working predominately on these complex, specialist projects.

Georgie has a passion for the process of design. Stakeholder engagement, research and analysis are inherent in her projects.  She seeks opportunities to expand and innovate on existing benchmarks to reflect a brief while exceeding the clients expectations.

The breadth of Georgie’s capability in health facility planning and design reaches from briefing, master planning and design.  This detailed understanding of hospital requirements and the process of health projects brings confidence to her role of Project Leader and engagement facilitator.


Jeanette Cooke

Regional Director - NZ

Senior Health Architect and Facility Planner

With almost 2 decades experience in the health sector, Jeanette understands that an effective health service planning process is fundamental to any health reform so that current and proposed practices, models of care, assets and facilities are developed to ensure that staff are enabled to make a difference to their patients, families and consumers that they care about.

Jeanette is passionate about Healthcare Design. She uses her practical knowledge and experience gained from having worked in various hospitals for many years to inform the project design and instigate the process of change management for the new facility.

Michael Molloy - Associate Director

Michael Molloy

Associate Director

Senior Designer

Michael Molloy is a lead designer with decades of relevant industry experience.   In conjunction with his design role at Destravis, Michael is a Senior Lecturer in Design at QUT.  The combination of academic and practicle applications of his expertise ensures he keeps abreast of current design trends, technologies and products.

His extensive experience is most valuable when applied to critical points of decision making such as project definition and briefing, early concept creation, or design reviews.

While his ideas are innovative and move boundaries, he keeps the clients vision as his central focus. His inspiration is a reflection on the clients objectives and budget.

Michael has professional and academic experience in North America, UK, South East Asia and Australia and has spread his ideas across many industry sectors. He is proficient in all aspects of the project, which makes him an excellent strategic player in origination, delivery and peer review.

Carol Zequim

Health Planner

Carol is a degree qualified architect with specialisation in health care environments.  She spent 9 post graduate years as a Health Architect in Brazil, working for the leading healthcare architectural firm in Latin America.

Carol relocated to Brisbane in 2018 and joined Destravis to continue her career in the specialised industry.

In addition to her architectural studies, Carol has completed further education in Landscape Design to enhance her passion for creating healing spaces of wellness - both inside and out.

Sandra Surkamp


Health Planning and Design

Sandra is a highly experienced facility planner and architect specialising in high technology buildings including healthcare facilities, research centres, laboratories and educational facilities.

With great communication ability and close client interaction, Sandra ensures that her project planning and design achieves high efficiency and high quality finish within client’s budget and performance expectations.

Sandra’s maturity and leadership are evident in her commitment to project establishment, management and development, ultimately achieving the best possible solution for clients.

She is able to rapidly define the client’s requirements and needs and translate it into facilities that reflect a clear logic, relevant connections and layout flexibility.

Jodi Hallas

Health Service Planning Director

Jodi is an effective, results-driven leader with a diverse career portfolio spanning the disability, mental health, community and acute health service areas in Queensland and Victoria.

As an expert health service planner she has a proven ability to design, analyse data, plan, monitor, consult, evaluate and manage complex programs and projects that support best practice, clinical quality and patient safety. She prides herself on developing health service plans that are implementable and deliver strategic and operational outcomes.

Jodi brings valuable strengths to her clients through:

  • An industry reputation in design, development and monitoring of innovative and implementable population, facility and clinical services plans and frameworks including influencing infrastructure and workforce plans,
  • Collaborative approach to driving improvement, innovation and safety, with a proven track record leading significant change through people across the system,
  • Highly effective people management, communication, consultation, negotiation, advocacy and facilitation skills with experience at building culture and rapport,
  • Influencing large scale service improvement and clinical change projects through the development of frameworks, tools and systems incorporating minimum standards, clinical governance, clinical policies, and mitigating risk management strategies.

Dario Martin

Senior Project Manager

Dario is an experienced design manager / project manager with an impressive list of completed hospital and health projects.  He has held senior roles with Thiess and Abigroup and has a proven ability to manage large design teams to meet project objectives and program.

With a trade in carpentry and decades of PM/ DM experience Dario has developed a reputation for his professional and ethical manner. 

He is self motivated and committed to a team approach, to completing projects on time, to the highest quality standards, within budget constraints and always adopting a zero safety tolerance culture on all projects.

He tries to instil a high quality of leadership, teamwork and stakeholder engagement in all projects

James Stephenson - Senior Architect

James Stephenson

Senior Architect

James is a Senior Architect with over three decades experience in his profession.  He undertakes project roles including  Project Architect or Project Team Leader roles of building projects specifically in the aged care, and health care sector.

James’ areas of expertise include:

  • Leading briefing and consultant teams
  • Developing and directing productive project teams
  • Coordinating and managing design of complex buildings
  • Troubleshooting problem areas and developing effective solutions, including advising on council legislation and policy,
  • Negotiation and mediation between stakeholders, clients and contractors,
  • Investigative assignments and expert reporting in relation to insurance claims,
  • 3D CAD sketch modelling for developing design concepts,
  • Specification writing and scheduling, documentation review,
  • Heritage and character building projects

Tony Giammichele

Senior Health Architect

Tony has been responsible for the briefing, planning and design of a number of major hospitals and health related projects.  He has a unique perspective to healthcare architecture having completed a 3-year nursing course at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane after completing his Diploma in Architecture. This provided him with good insights, understanding and working relationships with hospital staff and users. Tony has a compassionate and caring nature and a dedication to this very special aspect of architecture.

Tony is experienced in leading stakeholder engagement to develop a well defined project brief and concepts for functional, well-designed health spaces.  He has a very broad skill base across all aspects of architecture, and strong technical and inter-personal skills.

Jennifer Hands - Senior Health Planner

Jennifer Hands

Senior Health Planner

Jennifer Hands has 30 years experience as a critical care nurse and hospital administrator.

Jennifer’s focus as a health planner is to advise and support the  planning  phase  of  major  hospital  building  projects. Her experience and qualifications afford a dual approach to planning; clinically, she advises on internal quality assurance regarding operational relevance and re-engineering of models of care.  As a qualified interior designer, Jennifer also advises on functional brief development and the impact of spatial design decisions.

Jennifer advised and supported Queensland Health  Infrastructure Division for a number of years in regards to the application of the Australasian Health Facility Guidelines, evidence based design and new models of hare in healthcare design. She has undertaken research and made recommendations to support both clinicians and design teams to contemporise health care designs on the QH $6Billion capital redevelopment program.

She has undertaken various audits in support of strategic  master planning by applying benchmarking and occupancy evaluations and is a great contributor in the review of design compliance.

Glenn Hokin - Senior data analyst

Glenn Hokin

Senior Data Analyst

Glenn is a health care specialist.  His career in health spans over 20 years and ranges from clinician, management, researcher, analyst and planner.  For more than 10 years’ he has been specifically involved in service planning, activity mapping, planning and reporting.

Glenn has well-developed expertise in interpretation of health information, demographics data analysis and report writing.  His skills lie in developing and maintaining data sets to capture services delivered, and includes marrying activity and acuity into a useful information to inform decision making.

He is adept at collating data from existing sources, and creating purpose built solutions to provide for evidence based decision making. The ultimate outcome is cost effective, efficient and safe healthcare.

Glenn was on the statewide working party for Nurse Patient Ratio project, and sits on a number of statewide groups and forums.

His various analyst positions utilise his extensive clinical nursing background and informatics knowledge to improve patient centred outcomes and develop evidence informed practice by presenting technology based solutions.

Anthony Colwell - Senior Project Associate

Anthony Colwell

Senior Project Associate

Anthony is experienced in providing consulting services to health services and state health departments in Australia.

He has assisted organisations through analysis of data for service planning, workforce planning, benchmarking,  systems monitoring and modelling of process improvement initiatives.

He brings a high level of analytical skills coupled with a proven ability to synthesise data, interpret results and prepare communication to a variety of professional areas.

Anthony’s recent deliverables have included Detailed Business Cases, Option Studies and Feasibility Reports.

As an experienced project leader, Anthony has highly developed project management skills including the ability to scope and plan projects, manage task delivery, and to liaise and negotiate with clients, interested and periphery stakeholders to deliver high quality products that meet or exceed expectations.

Julia Thomas - Senior Project Associate

Julia Thomas

Senior Project Associate

Julia is an experienced Architect who specialises in health, and tertiary education projects.

Her past project experience is focussed in the planning, design and project coordination stages of  projects in Australia and overseas.

Julia brings proficient project planning, architectural and interior skills to all projects.  She takes a considered and practical approach to the resolution of highly technical issues.

The breadth of her experience has developed a comprehensive skill base and professional approach to clients. 

Julia's key strengths include:

  • Communication and facilitation skills to effectively engage and manage consultation with users and stakeholders,
  • Continuity and commitment throughout all stages of the design and implementation,
  • A solid understanding of all phases othe entire design process from conceptual design through to detailing and delivery.

John Williams

Design Director

John is a highly experienced and respected leader in the design and delivery of complex health and research projects. He has been the project director for many of Australia’s Public Private Partnerships hospital projects and has achieved award winning and highly functional and sustainable design solutions.

John’s approach to design is collaborative and inclusive to gain a holistic understanding and consideration of the complex health and research requirements for the client.  He has an in-depth understanding of health facilities and the master planning and architectural and health planning requirements including project co-ordination and team management.

John successfully led a large architectural practice in Melbourne, Victoria and is now part of the Destravis team to provide expert knowledge and design services to deliver high performing, health facility design outcomes.

Julia Squire - Executive Consultant

Julia Squire

Executive Consultant

Julia is a successful career public sector leader with 30 years management experience,17 as a CEO in Australia and the UK. Her career incorporates delivery at senior levels on policy formulation and implementation; strategic service planning; turnaround; operational delivery; commissioning; the development and delivery of business cases; capital projects (publicly and privately funded);

innovation in funding models and cross government working.

Julia is passionate about the sustainability and quality of public services and the balance between quality, performance, viability and longer term health improvement. She has a good track record in finding innovative ways towards this both from a policy and strategic perspective and on the ground operationalisation.

Julia has successfully managed most clinical services from primary and community right through to quaternary.

She has been a key player at the forefront of new models of planning, funding, commissioning, provision and integration; working well with clinicians of all professions, wider government, NGO and private sectors and with diverse communities.

Dr Kate Johnston - Executive Consultant

Dr Kate Johnston

Executive Consultant

Kate is a progressive healthcare business operations leader, researcher and academic who excels in rapidly changing environments requiring smart decision-making. She has distinguished herself through performance leading and establishment of efficient operations in start-ups and high-growth research organisations.

Kate has extensive skill in biomedical and translational research institute environments for enhanced healthcare outcomes, including prevention, diagnosis and therapies and is recognized for astuteness in operations, finance and technology solutions with experience in three successful biomedical institutes.

Her current leadership portfolio includes:

  •  Leadership: grew a strong operations support team from 2 to 53 in less than 3 years with excellent talent retention.
  • Finance and budget: successfully designed, implemented and delivered start-up operations, streamlining services and processes to provide support within tight budgets.
  •  Risk mitigation: established risk framework for Board of Directors: Audit, Risk and Finance Committees.
  • Capital  Infrastructure:  Oversaw all operational and research aspects of the AUD$354M build and post-completion operations of new facility.
Bill Lozevski - Development Lead

Bill Lozevski

Development Lead

Bill is an experienced Development Director and Manager with over 15 years experience in the construction and property sector.

He brings valued experience in the development of healthcare and precinct projects in New South Wales and Queensland. He is responsible for the day to day management of all development related issues including finance, construction, design development, coordination, authority approvals and legal.

Bill’s market knowledge and procurement experience is utilised for our clients through assistance with tendering and letting of capital projects.

Megan Whyte - Strategic Cost Advisor

Megan Whyte

Strategic Cost Advisor

Megan has 17 years experience in Quantity Surveying.  

Megan has an understanding of the complexities involved with creating a project that must satisfy a tight budget, but still, deliver functionality with affordability.

Her extensive experience in various procurement methods provides our team with cost control methods regardless of the contract chosen including GMP, Two Stage MC, D&C and Traditional.

Megan’s key attributes include:

  • Advanced identification, measurement and costing experience including managing contractor contracts,
  • Proven ability to cost manage projects within 2% of the project budget with repeated success,
  • Understanding of the work processes and methodologies required on site to complete works in a ‘live’ and restricted environment,
  • Ability to cost in detail the FF&E and AV components,
  • Leader in cost management methodologies allowing project challenges to be methodically assessed without impacting programme.

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