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Alpha Hospital

Health Planning and Concept Design

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Project Information

The Department of State Development, Innovation and Planning (DSDIP) engaged Destravis to investigate options for co-location of these Departments (community safety services) on government land to develop more efficient government services.

The project which brought together the Department of Emergency and Fire Services (DEFS), Queensland Health (QH), Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) and Queensland Polices Services (QPS) (Departments).  Destravis engaged with all Departments to define the brief, master plan and concept for the shared site.

Alpha Hospital was the catalyst project for the site given the poor condition of existing hospital infrastructure and need for swift relocation.  Destravis engaged closely with Queensland Health and Central West HHS Executives to develop a concept site plan and facility plan for the new Alpha Hospital.

The facility plan was based on a number of key design principles developed by Destravis for smaller regional / community hospitals, these included:

  • Zoned spaces to enable 12 / 24-hour zones over night or on weekends to improve staff efficiency and reduce energy use
  • Effective lines of site and proximity to inpatients to facilitate care by single staff member
  • Alignment between the design and diversity of required health services delivery in a cost effective and functional facility through adaptable and multi-functional spaces
  • Adaptable facilities to allow easy expansion of building and engineering services (e.g. if an additional Mine was to open in the Alpha catchment).

The design for Alpha was based on the prototype Community Hospital (also developed by Destravis) which was based on a systemised design approach which allows for off-site prefabrication, economies of scale for building components, transportation of building components via road and centralised facility management with significant whole-of-life benefits.

Construction of the Alpha Hospital began in February 2016.


Department of State Development, Innovation and Planning


Alpha, Regional Queensland



Project Scope:

Site planning and health facility planning for new hospital.

Destravis Role:

Project brief, master plan and concept.