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Australian Red Cross

Strategic Planning

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Project Information

Australian Red Cross has a strategic plan to deliver a new model of community support centred around recovery and wellbeing.

Destravis was engaged to provide strategic planning advice for the development of existing Red Cross properties to enable the delivery of this new model of service.

A number of activities informed a unique development concept for each site.

The development for each property will be a unique blend of allied health and support facilities, educational and recreational spaces such as social, health and education hubs, community spaces as well as the heavily relied upon emergency accommodation for patients and families visiting the neighbouring Hospitals.

For each property, the following was provided:

  • Concept floor and building plans
  • Accommodation brief confirming estimated Gross Floor Area
  • Cost benchmarking to create preliminary project budget
  • Assessment of commercial viability and identification of opportunities
  • Concept graphics and brochure to encourage stakeholder and community involvement.

Australian Red Cross


Various properties throughout Queensland



Project Scope:

State-wide roll-out of new Wellbeing Centre model

Destravis Role:

State-wide roll-out of new Wellbeing Centre model