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Brighton Health Campus

Master Plan

Project Information

A Master Plan including infrastructure and building condition assessment, indicating a 30 year staged approach to redevelop the campus and create capacity for subacute, outpatients and specialised extended care services. This included relocating two off-site facilities to the campus to address the impact of changing demographics and future services trends.

The campus plan was designed to test the health service plan which offered better patient flow and a care continuum at a District level. The result is a staged redevelopment to house 390 beds.  The Master Plan strategy provided the client with great value for money when compared with traditional approach to health facility master planning.

The Master Plan was approached so that no option excluded the implementation of another option at later date. In doing this, Destravis created significant future proofing with very little redundancy and duplication in development works.


Queensland Health


Brisbane, Queensland



Project Scope:

Condition assessment, master plan and concept study to transform aged hospital facility to holistic health campus.

Destravis Role:

Project Director and Master Planner.