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Central Depot Strategy

Business Case

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Project Information

Destravis was engaged by Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) to develop the Business Case for funding and a cost benefit analysis over 25 years, rationalising seven depots, 450 workers and over six various business units.

Despite seven depots rationalising into one new facility we were able to demonstrate 24% of the workforce would save time in travelling to their new workplace and over 2% were unaffected.

The detailed business case would go on to show significant improvements in operational risk and staff safety with potential cost benefit of $1.8M and further economic benefits of $11.6M through rationalisation of surplus depot land.

Additional findings from the business case was inter-depot travel would be reduced through the one central facility saving $5.13M in travel for senior managers as well as an improved workforce efficiency to reduce Council response times and inter-business unit resources which would save an additional $4.5M over 25 years.

The new depot is also anticipated to be the genesis for the area increasing social and economic benefits to Charlton, and fast tracking the development of this suburb. Charlton is ideally located next to the new Second Range Crossing and Wellcamp Airport, providing both air and land connections within minutes of the area, therefore expected to be the hub for logistics in the near future. Council had the foresight to begin early investment and kick-start the economic development of the area.

Funding has been approved and the project is proceeding into construction.


Toowoomba Regional Council


Toowoomba, Queensland



Project Scope:

New Depot of the Future with energy efficiency and innovation key performance indicators

Destravis Role:

Development of preferred strategy and business case report, including: Cost Benefit Analysis Economic Analysis over 25 years Whole of Life Analysis Budgets and Benchmarking Detailed Business Case Report