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Christchurch Outpatient Department

Ministry of Health

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Project Information

Following on from a the successful project delivery on the West Coast as health planner to the CCM-Jacobs team, Annabel Frazer was invited to undertake a Peer Review of the Christchurch Outpatient Facility briefing in July 2014.

Subsequent to this review, Destravis were engaged to provide health planning services including Functional Briefing to CCM Architects for the Concept and Preliminary Design phases.

The early Concept Design phase was characterised by a robust briefing exercise which included a high level options assessment of the whole campus redevelopment to validate the Project Scope and ensure the capital investment yielded the briefed service requirements and was consistent with overarching health service objectives.

The provision of health planning services in the post-earthquake environment is challenged by the changing population demographics; the broader fiscal constraints and the complexities of delivering a facility planning response that is fully integrated with the structural design solution.

The St. Andrew’s “Triangle” as the nominated site for the new Outpatient building is a gateway location with direct connectivity to Hagely Park and the Avon River.

The functional relationships to the Christchurch Hospital campus and the developing health precinct have been considered in balance with the urban interface.


CCM Architects


Christchurch, New Zealand



Destravis Role:

Functional briefing and health facility planning