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Consolidation of Community Safety Services

Alpha Pilot Program Brief, Master Plan and Concept

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Project Information

The Department of State Development, Innovation and Planning (DSDIP) acted as the coordinating party for this project which brought together the Department of Emergency and Fire Services (DEFS), Queensland Health (QH), Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) and Queensland Polices Services (QPS) (Departments).

DSDIP engaged Destravis to investigate options for co-location of these Departments (community safety services) on government land to develop more efficient government services through:

  • developing fit-for-purpose facilities that respond to community needs
  • developing economies of scale and operational savings by sharing facilities, resources and staffing
  • reducing the footprint of current services to generate saving in land and building costs.

Alpha Hospital is part of a state-first colocation of safety service on a single site.  Destravis was engaged by the Department of State Development to work with an inter-departmental Control Group to develop a brief and concept design for the shared facilities.  Through consultation with all Agencies Destravis developed a comprehensive site plan and facility layout which optimised land use, improved functionality of all existing facilities and increased value for money through shared facilities whilst respecting the limitations of integration between Agencies.

Construction of the Alpha Hospital began in February 2016 as the catalyst project on the site brining the Hospital and Ambulance service to the new facilities.  The remainder of services will follow in the near future as their existing infrastructure and funding requires.


Department of State Development, Innovation and Planning


Alpha, Regional Queensland



Project Scope:

Consolidation of all Safety Services on a single site.

Destravis Role:

Project brief, master plan and concept.