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Curtin University

Medical Education Building

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Project Information

Destravis was engaged by Woodhead architects in Perth, to lead the briefing and scheme design user groups to explore the mooted School of Medicine's teaching and office requirements.

This project represented an unique opportunity to design from the ground up a new building to support medical education. Curtin University’s project team brought together an eclectic group of health care educators, along with the new Dean of Medicine.

This group was able to develop a scheme design that encapsulated a detailed understanding of the Objective Structure Clinical Examination process as well as the latest thinking in medical pedagogies.

The building was designed to support and extend inter-professional education models, placing it at the cutting edge of this kind of medical education facility.


Curtin University Supporting Woodhead architects (as lead consultant)


Adelaide, South Australia



Project Scope:

Master Plan for the Nexus10 precinct

Destravis Role:

Specialist Education / Master Planning Advisor