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Diamantina Knowledge Precinct

Master Development Framework – Precinct Plan

Project Information

The Diamantina Knowledge Precinct Plan is a framework to guide the development of the wider PA Hospital precinct into a globally recognised hub of intense economic activity spanning the health and research spectrum from “environmental” to “human”. ​

The plan draws upon the significant anchor institutions and public infrastructure to draft a vision for a future urbanised community that is as diverse as it is focussed. ​

Those anchor institutions include Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH), the Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence (PACE), the Translational Research Institute (TRI), Biopharmaceutical Australia (BPA) the University of Queensland (UQ) and Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Other key users in the broader area are the Mater Medical Research Institute (MMRI) and CSIRO. ​

The Diamantina Precinct aims to be more than a collective of knowledge infrastructure, transport hubs and nationally significant economic activity. It has the potential to be a small city of intuitive interaction, business and large scale procurement. A networked and urbanised Precinct such as that envisaged within the Plan will allow this paradigm of “new” research and education to attract and retain the highest order of intellectual capital, investment and expanding links to global institutions and industries.​


Department of Local Government Planning, Queensland


Brisbane, Queensland



Project Scope:

Precinct strategy encompassing health, research and associated facilities to create knowledge ‘Precinct’.

Destravis Role:

Precinct strategy, Health and Research strategic integration of future care and research pathways.