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Ipswich Health Precinct

Master Plan

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Project Information

Destravis was engaged by West Moreton Hospital and Health Service (WMHHS) to update the Master Plan for Ipswich Hospital earlier developed by Destravis (2014).  The Master Plan identifies a preferred configuration of facilities to support the future service needs of the catchment population.

In total five options were explored, with a Preferred Option selected for further development as the Master Plan. The options developed included:

  1. Do Minimal to address key risks and issues
  2. Refurbish the Tower Block to accommodate additional beds
  3. Redevelop existing Ipswich Hospital site prioritising replacement, to increase in the number of beds in the short term
  4. Redevelop existing Ipswich Hospital site prioritising replacement and increase of clinical services capacity in the short term, and establishment of services at a site in close proximity
  5. Provide a new tertiary hospital in a greenfield site, redevelop existing site to accommodate Sub and Non Acute Centre.

The options were reviewed through workshops with a broader stakeholder group the Executive team, in addition to consultation with the HHS Board.

Through the process final Master Plan Option was developed to progressively redevelop the site to achieve:

  • A tertiary facility that retains the health precinct concept in Ipswich CBD
  • Separation of Same Day and Sub Acute activity into two centres provided close to Ipswich Hospital at least one of which could be in the ICC buildings, possibly incorporating partnership provision
  • A staged development with opportunity for use of smaller funding opportunities
  • Replacement and expansion of clinical services at the early stages of redevelopment.

Prior to Destravis engagement, WMHHS had spent years on developing cases for the future of Ipswich Hospital. In under a year, Destravis has been able to establish a HHS-wide strategy and develop a staged plan for the realisation of an Ipswich Health Precinct which has support from WMHHS, Department of Health and external stakeholders in the Region.


West Moreton Hospital and Health Service


Ipswich, Queensland



Project Scope:

Staged hospital redevelopment and new Same Day Centre.

Destravis Role:

Health Service Planner Master Planner Health Facility Planner Cost Consultant Project Manager Stakeholder consultation