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Mackay Base Hospital Redevelopment

Master Plan and Schematic Design

eature_Mackay Base Hospital Redevelopment

Project Information

Destravis conducted the master plan and schematic design to redevelop the hospital in three stages, with sub-stages that allowed a quantum of work to be brought forward enabling earlier completion of acute and inpatient facilities. This minimised the impact of disruption and continuum of service delivery.

MBHR was a brownfield redevelopment of a regional teaching hospital expanding to 319 beds with increased service capability, including all infrastructure and support services including laundry, logistics, kitchen and DATA centre.

As part of the redevelopment, a new Supply Building was designed to replace an aging ‘Stores Building’.  The Supply Building includes Stores, Laundry, Waste, Environmental Services and Engineering Services. It is of an industrial nature and focus on efficiencies and functionalities. It supports a centralised services model.

The Laundry zone of MBH accommodates a cycle of sorting, washing, drying and storing with a separate uniform and tailors room and office which can be directly accessed from the main laundry area.

The existing work practices are predominately manual and an increase in automation and decrease in manually handling was recommended.

Options were considered regarding the extent of new laundry equipment however the layout enables a more automated service to be accommodated whilst initially allowing for transfer of existing equipment.

The Supply Building has been located to the South of the Main Clinical Building for direct access into the hospital without crossing over the public circulation system. Service lifts provide access to all three levels of the Hospital and a dedicated Servie Road has been upgraded to accommodate direct, large vehicle access the Building.


Queensland Health


Mackay, Queensland



Project Scope:

Full PC role on brownfield refurbishment of regional teaching hospital to 319 beds.

Destravis Role:

Principal Consultant / Project Director / Master Planner (whist under previous employment)


Kerry McGovern, District CEO, Queensland Health – Mackay Health District. Tel: 0417 772 562 (whist under previous employment)