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Ministry of Health, New Zealand

Christchurch Site-wide Plan

feature_Ministry of Health, New Zealand

Project Information

Destravis was engaged by the NZ Ministry of Health (MOH) to conduct Site wide planning across the Christchurch Hospital site to inform an Indicative Business Case (by others).

This presented a unique opportunity to review the health facility requirements for the Christchurch Hospital campus to support the CDHB service needs and to consider the most efficient and effective options for investment in capital infrastructure as an enabler for quality health service delivery throughout the DHB and in response to regional and national service obligations.

The team have explored health service and facility needs to develop a series of investment options to best respond to current deficits and meet anticipated gaps in future requirements. A series of workshops and face to face consultations with various stakeholders, delivered a number of long list options which have progressed to a short list as per the Better Business Case process.

Our health planners continue to work closely with the business case writer to finalise the qualitative assessment and operational costings prior to end of year submission for MoH and DHB approvals.

The focus of the project was primarily to address the future of Parkside, the principal existing building on site, including remediation post-earthquake. The health planning team has demonstrated the value of promoting whole of service and whole of site connectivity as the primary redevelopment driver, and has taken all stakeholders on a journey which is offering a more holistic response.


Ministry of Health, New Zealand


Christchurch, New Zealand



Project Scope:

Indicative Business Case

Destravis Role:

Principal Consultant / Project Manager Health Facility / Site Planner Business Case Advisor Architectural Partner, CCM Architects, NZ