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Ministry of Health, New Zealand

Christchurch Site-wide Plan

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Project Information

In 2016 Destravis was engaged by the New Zealand Ministry of Health (MoH) to develop a site-wide plan for Christchurch Hospital to integrate and input in to the development of the Indicative Business Case (IBC).

Existing buildings at Christchurch Hospital are ageing; ranging from 10-50 years old. Site infrastructure has expanded organically considering short term pressures and creating a landlocked, disjointed health precinct.

This project presented a unique opportunity to review the health facility requirements for the Christchurch Hospital campus to support the CDHB service needs and to consider the most efficient and effective options for investment in capital infrastructure as an enabler for quality health service delivery throughout the DHB and in response to regional and national service obligations.

Destravis continued to provide support to options development for the IBC for submission in 2018.

In March 2019, Destravis was reengaged to deliver a Precinct Master Plan, building upon earlier planning work and considering the new inclusion of Cancer Services and Canterbury Health Laboratories and Gastroenterology.

Destravis then developed the Functional Design Briefs for the Program Business Case for the Christchurch Hospital Enabling Works, the Christchurch Oncology & Haematology Building, and the Canterbury Health Laboratories.


Ministry of Health, New Zealand


Christchurch, New Zealand



Project Scope:

Indicative Business Case and Program Business Case

Destravis Role:

Principal Consultant / Project Manager Health Facility / Site Planner Business Case Advisor Architectural Partner, CCM Architects, NZ