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Northern Hospital Emergency Department

Clinical Service Plan

Project Information

A Clinical Service Plan (CSP) was developed to inform the future of adult emergency care to be delivered at Northern Hospital emergency department.

It identifies Northern Health-wide service directions to better meet emergency service demand at Northern Hospital to 2036. The emergency service directions recognise a hospital wide approach to redesigning care pathways for Northern Hospital. Short, medium, and long-term strategies are included in this CSP and have been developed based on the consideration of service solutions across the health continuum.   An associated high-level model of care document was also developed. Together they will inform the functional design brief and master planning for Northern Hospital adult emergency department.

The future vision of the ED is to deliver an integrated healthcare approach where the focus is on patient centred care, rather than a system. Patients will move seamlessly through the ED with any ongoing care needs transferred for self-management or to primary or secondary settings depending on their health condition and its severity.


Northern Health


Melbourne, Victoria



Project Scope:

Clinical Service Plan for Emergency Department

Destravis Role:

Service Planner and model of care innovations