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Prefabrication and modular health facilities

Pilot development and concepts

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Project Information

In 2013 Queensland Health began a specific process to improve the health services at small hospitals in rural Queensland. These facilities are typically constrained by clinical and operational workforce availability, diverse health service demands and funding constraints. With an objective improving clinical efficiencies, service offerings and reducing capital and whole-of-life costs, QH engaged Destravis to develop a pilot brief and concept for a small hospital facility which could be applied throughout rural Queensland.

Destravis and QH worked collaboratively to develop key design principles to meet the objectives of QH.

This interactive process included review of lessons learnt from existing rural facilities and consultation with health service and infrastructure planning at QH. The defined objectives included:

  • A clinical layout which recognises the limited workforce in remote areas and maximises accessibility, adjacency, sight-lines and zoning to improve efficiencies
  • A functional design which creates multi-functional spaces to minimise footprint
  • A facility design which is adaptable for future expansion due to increased or alternative service delivery
  • A facility design that integrates new technology, enabling emergency response assistance, telehealth consultation and diagnostics in rural and remote areas
  • A facility design which considers difficulty of construction and maintenance in rural locations and allows for pre-fabrication and economies of scale.

The Destravis approach to prefabrication is based on an off-site fabrication of various components. These components can be pre-assembled and pre-commissioned as much as possible reduce regional construction cost and provide consistency in product quality.

The pilot rural hospital concept was first applied to Moura Hospital which opened in May 2015. It has proven a fast and cost effective construction approach and is heralded by the Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service as a well-designed, well-functioning facility. The Alpha Community Hospital was completed in 2016 with the same results.


Department of Health, Queensland


Regional roll-out, Queensland


2013 – on-going

Project Scope:

Development of pilot concept and brief for state-wide roll-out

Destravis Role:

Project Manager Health Facility Planner Modular Design