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Princess Alexandra Hospital

Strategic Master Plan

Project Information

Destravis was engaged by MSHHS to conduct master plans across their major health facilities in the HHS, including Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH).  This presented a unique opportunity to consider the requirements for the HHS as a whole and to consider the most efficient and effective options for investment in capital infrastructure on each of these campuses to ensure quality health service delivery throughout the HHS.

PAH is the principal referral hospital for the HHS; a Quaternary–level Hospital and major teaching and research facility providing care in all major adult specialties. It is envisaged that the future clinical services delivered by PAH will adjust to respond to the PAH vision “to be renowned worldwide for excellence in health care, teaching and research”.

It is however constrained by the physical limitations of the existing infrastructure and available land. The current facilities have limited capacity to meet the increasing demographic drivers of age and population. The volume of services provided per treated case will also influence demand as technology and treatment modalities expand and contract.

The master plan for PAH has resulted in:

  • A design solution allowing for maximisation of value of the current assets
  • Providing opportunity for partnership with private industry
  • A sequence of works that does not impact on clinical service delivery in the Main Hospital building
  • A design solution which minimises abortive work through careful phasing for once only construction of works
  • Organise the site according to integration of functional zones
  • Improve the accessibility of the facility for patents, staff and visitors
  • Focus on long term way finding and circulation
  • Limit redundant new built
  • Avoid disruption and redundant works on infrastructure services
  • Avoid disruption on existing health service delivery by limiting decanting
  • Consistent with future plans for the broader Knowledge Precinct.

Metro South Hospital and Health Service (MSHHS)


Brisbane, Queensland



Project Scope:

Strategic Master Plan responding to existing Precinct Plan, future health service demands and the quaternary role of the PA Hospital.

Destravis Role:

Stakeholder Management and Strategic Master Planning.