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Lady Cilento Children's Hospital

Detailed Access Study

feature_Lady Cilento Children's Hospital Detailed Access Study

Project Information

The Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital (LCCH) has inadequate car park availability to meet patient, visitor and staff demand.

Destravis was engaged to undertake a Detailed Access Options Study to help define demand, existing and potential supply, and propose possible, feasible solutions which could assist in easing the burden parking is causing for patients, staff and visitors to the facility.

To ensure a holistic approach to problem definition and solution, this study Precinct-wide approach. This incorporated demand and supply analysis of CHQ, Mater Health Service, adjacent schools and other impacted stakeholders whose activity impacts car park access for LCCH patients and staff.

A range of alternative options was be explored for suitability and feasibility, these included infrastructure solutions, public transport scenarios, alternative parking scenarios and less traditional scenarios such as a valet service.

The study sought to identify short, medium and long term solutions to reduce and / or manage parking demand; immediately and into the future.

During the study, consultation incorporated the Department of Health, CHQHHS, Mater Health Service, Brisbane City Council, Department of Transport and Main Roads, surrounding schools, South Bank Corporation and Brisbane Convention Centre, as well as other external industry stakeholders.


Queensland State Government Department of Health


Brisbane, Queensland



Project Scope:

Detailed demand and supply analysis with options investigations and recommendations

Destravis Role:

Principal Consultant Demand and supply assessment and modelling Infrastructure options Editor in Chief Stakeholder Management Economic modelling by PwC Traffic modelling by Arup