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Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service

Region-wide Master Plan

Project Information

Destravis was engaged to undertake a health service-wide master planning process for Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service (CQHHS). This engagement included:

1.Infrastructure assessment to determine asset condition, functionality and useful life of each facility

2.Review and response to a HHS-wide service plan to develop an infrastructure master plan for all facilities in the region.

Facilities included:

  • 3 regional hospitals (Rockhampton, Gladstone and Emerald Hospitals)
  • 2 smaller regional hospitals
  • 1 community hospital
  • 6 multi-purpose health services,
  • 20+ other community, oral health and outpatient facilities.

Site visits were conducted by Destravis and Calibre Group in conjunction with redevelopment and maintenance management staff from CQHHS. Total of 56 buildings/facilities were inspected, with 30+ interviews of executive, managerial and building maintenance and engineering (BEMS) staff on site.

A series of master plan options were developed for each facility and workshopped with local, regional and HHS leadership for holistic consideration in the bigger HHS-wide plan.

The outcome provides a HHS-wide service and infrastructure plan, staged to respond to changes in demand.  A prioritisation process was undertaken to inform the CQHHS total asset management plan which will inform capital investment for the next 10-15 years.


Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service (CQHHS)


Regional Queensland



Project Scope:

Master Plan incorporating hospital and health facilities across Central Queensland

Destravis Role:
  • Functional investigation and assessment
  • Architectural investigation and assessment
  • Health service planning
  • Facility master planning
  • Quantity surveyor