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Activity Based Workplaces

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Project Information

John Holm of Destravis worked in collaboration with Richard Vale to explore the concept and opportunities for DPTI to adopt Activity Base Working (ABW) models within it’s organisation.

DPTI aimed to develop an pilot program that would engage potential users in recognising the benefits of ABW, leading them to actively participate in the development and implementation of ABW for their unit.

Activity Based Work environments aim to reverse the causal effect between the work/activities people need to undertake and the work environment. The traditional approach is a best fit of a majority of activities into the one space, i.e. the desk, and allocate one to a person. ABW looks to provide a variety of work spaces designed to support particular activities and allow people to use them as they see fit.

The challenge was not one of just design but also of change management.

The project scope incorporated:

  • Establishing a case for change
  • Staff Engagement and Research
  • Developing Options
  • Validating Direction
  • Develop the Project Implementation Plan for the Pilot

This approach is structured within a philosophy of Appreciative Inquiry that seeks to deliver sustainable performance improvement through change management.


Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) SA Government


Melbourne, Victoria



Project Scope:

Pilot program for Activity Based Working within Government organisation

Destravis Role:

Workplace modelling and advisory.