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University of Adelaide

Learning Hub

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Project Information

The University of Adelaide seized a once in a lifetime chance to transform the student experience through the creation of a 6,000 sqm learning hub in the Hughes Plaza.

Dr John Holm was part of the team that established the vision for the Hub, working with multiple university stakeholders to form a consensual view of the Hub’s objectives.

The Learning Hub’s focus was improving the student experience which involved incorporating a range of diverse uses from quiet study to noisy social activities within the same environment. The development of zones that enable these antithetical activities to reside in the same facility was critical to the eventual success of the Hub.

John also worked with the Barr Smith Library, which gave up space to the Learning Hub, to replan the library in order to improve student's experience of the library as well as ensuring synergistic library services are delivered into the learning hub itself.


University of Adelaide


Adelaide, South Australia



Destravis Role:

Stakeholder Engagement (John Holm under previous employment)