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Nexus10 Precinct Master Plan

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Project Information

The Master Plan for the Nexus10 precinct seeks to improve the utilization and functionality of the site in reference to the needs of the Faculty of Professions and the broader strategic direction of the University.

The site itself is currently underdeveloped and has significant development opportunity that if intelligently realized could yield both significantly more usable floor area as well as providing the opportunity to make more of the branding and expressive elements of this prominent site.

The Master Plan identifies a series of opportunities for further development of the Nexus10 precinct meeting the anticipated requirements of the Faculty of Professions.

The Master Plan was developed in partnership with the Faculty of Professions as part of a collaborative design process that first sought to elucidate fundamental drivers and substantive trends considered to have most impact for the future requirements of the Faculty, before then developing strategic built environment responses.

The Master Plan consultation resulted in three key themes that shaped the design response. These key themes are Creativity, Connection, and Community.


University of Adelaide Supporting mph architects (as lead consultant)


Adelaide, South Australia



Project Scope:

Master Plan for the Nexus10 precinct

Destravis Role:

Specialist Education / Master Planning Advisor