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West Moreton Hospital and Health Service

Clinical Service Plan Roadmap

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Project Information

Destravis was engaged by WMHHS to develop a Clinical Services Plan Roadmap.  This high-level service plan was prioritised in preparation of a Preliminary Business Case, for more detailed development at a later date. 

Set in the context of an innovative strategy, the West Moreton HHS Clinical Service Plan Roadmap address the needs of new and existing communities in partnership with other suppliers of care, coordinated by the HHS in a way which is both clinically appropriate and cost effective. The CSPR identified key opportunities for the HHS including:

  • Establishment of robust risk sharing partnerships
  • Redesign of service distribution to support a sustainable operation
  • Staged service capability and capacity growth to meet population need and to be flexible to change
  • Implementation of innovative models using evidence based and/or contemporary best practice and technology to improve clinical and operational efficiency and hospital avoidance
  • Support leadership in clinical care, education and research and population based approach to deliver health services.

The CSP Roadmap identifies:

  • Contemporary service models which provide high quality, highly performing and accessible care
  • The sub specialty development required of a contemporary health service tailored to the specific health need and geography of the of the West Moreton catchment
  • The workforce required to support the service models
  • Innovative options for partnerships to deliver
  • A configuration of care in a network incorporating the needs of urban, rural and regional communities including projected new communities
  • The change and development activities needed.

The commission also enabled close working with clinicians and senior teams at the HHS who benefited from skills transfer and learning through the process in a ‘one team’ approach.


West Moreton Hospital and Health Service


Ipswich, Queensland



Project Scope:

Strategic Health Service Planner

Destravis Role:

Health Service Planner Stakeholder consultation