Julia Creek MPHS

The existing McKinley Shire Multi-Purpose Health Service (formerly Julia Creek Hospital) is almost 50 years old and approaching the end of it’s useful life.

A new facility was required to meet the current and future health service needs.

Destravis designed a new facility to be adaptable and flexible in building fabric and engineering services to allow the facility to react to changes in service delivery through expansion, retraction or alterations.

The new McKinlay Shire MPHS has been planned to accommodate a multitude of site specific requirements and to meet a variety of service demands without altering the base building.  The facility has been future proofed for potential expansion in a pre-considered and pre-planned approach.

Telehealth is a vital service in the rural MPHS. The new facility will provide for current, and forecast future demand for telehealth including fixed and mobile telehealth units for consulting and diagnosis.

Especially important for the Julia Creek Community, a large patient veranda will provide access to the outdoors which is a valued element of the existing facility, especially for the residential aged care patients.

Destravis undertook the following activities:

–Site and building assessment (condition, functionality and equipment)

–Master plan of site

–Stakeholder consultation with MPHS Leadership and HHS Executive

–Schematic Design and Performance Specification

–Technical Advisory during contractor design development.